Quoting Process

We view quoting as a process… a little planning goes a very long way when renovating.  We encourage patience and lots of questions.  The last thing we want to hear at the end of a renovation is that you wish you had done something differently.

Please read the page about Permits. Not understanding when Permits are required and why can cause you problems if you decide to sell your home or have an insurance claim.

Our quoting process begins with a consultation in your home to discuss the Scope of your proposed renovation project.

In addition to defining the overall Scope of your renovation project, it is important at this stage to define your expectations in terms of cost of the project and the time it will take to complete the project.

Following is a meeting to review the proposed Scope of Work and required finishing materials. At this time, you will be asked to decide on finishing materials. A list of Approved Suppliers will be provided to you.  As a valued Client of Your Reno Crew, you will receive our Contractor’s Discount when purchasing materials from Approved Suppliers (where available, some restrictions apply).

Upon deciding on finishing materials, an estimate in summary form will be prepared to determine if the proposed renovation is within your budget expectations.

If the “ballpark” estimate meets with your approval, follow up consultations will be scheduled with the appropriate Tradespeople.

Based on input and recommendations from the trades and finishing materials selected by you, a detailed Scope of Work/Fixed Price Quote is prepared and presented to you.

This Scope of Work is provided complimentary and intended for your personal use only. It contains information that is proprietary to Your Reno Crew and we request that it not be copied or distributed without the express written consent of Your Reno Crew.

Our commitment to you:

● At our time and expense, we will prepare a Scope of Work with a Contractor’s Fixed Price Quote.

● We will meet with you as often as required to review the Scope of Work and answer any questions you may have.

Your commitment to us:

● Let us know as soon as possible if you decide not to pursue the renovation or you have decided to engage the services of another Contractor.

● All decision makers will review the proposed Scope of Work and the Fixed Price Quote.